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Clinical profile of dengue fever cases in Vicente Gullas Memorial Hospital Cebu, Philippines (2014-2016).


Rayden Lou Benliro,
Almel Dave Booc,
Ave Ian Daniega,
Alekhine Geraldino,
Taisha Rose Lisondra,
Jaya Mishra,
Farhan Palathinnkal Farhan,
Chinna Naik Ramavathpanthu,
Adil Shaik

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
May 2018


The study aims to determine the clinical profile of dengue fever in Vicente Gullas Memorial Hospital, Cebu, Philippines. This study consists of a series of 252 patients clinically diagnosed with dengue infection collected from the hospital records database from 2014-2016 from Vicente Gullas Memorial Hospital. The patients admitted were classified according to the World Health Organization definitions of dengue infection. The patient's disease history along with the list of clinical signs and symptoms were collected and recorded. All the patient's data is compared to identify the similarities in the clinical presentation of the disease. The total blood count of the patients taken upon the admission as well as upon the duration of the disease was also recorded and compared.


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