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Analgesic effect of amor seco (Chrysopogon aciculatus) plant extract in ICR mice.


Louise Maree C. Velasquez,
Queenstiene D. Baltonado,
Cathylyn Joy C.  Garcia,
Jonah Mae L. Pamaong

Related Institution

College of Medicine - University of the Visayas - Gullas College of Medicine

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
May 2018


The study aimed to determine the analgesic effect of Chrysopogon aciculatus extract on ICR mice. This research will be of great significance to the community since it can be an alternative analgesic medicine that can be used aside from the one's available at the market now which can be costly. The study was an experimental design, that consisted of 3 groups. After the administration of the different controls via gavage, the mice were injected with 1% formalin solution at the sub plantar tissue of the right hind-paw.The ICR mice were then observed to how they reacted to pain of the formalin solution, either through limping, elevation of the infected paw or licking, biting or grooming of the right hind-paw.



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