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A biomechanical study on single rod spinal instrumentation system in an unstable thoracolumbar injury model: A finite element analysis.


Jereme B. Atupan,
Rafael C. Bundok

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Section of Spine Surgery, Department of Orthopedics, College of Medicine and Philippine General Hospital - University of the Philippines Manila

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Spine Surgery, Orthopedics,
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To develop three dimensional computer models o the anterior case of a 43-year-old male presenting with short stature and heart failure. The patient was admitted at the medicine ward of the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) for dyspnea. Differentiating congenital from acquired hypothyroidism, the relationship between hypothyroidism and the cardiomyopathies, and the therapeutic options in patients with cardiomyopathy secondary to hypothyroidism.

The patient had been born full term to a then 31-yearold Gravida 4 Para 3 (G4P3), the 4th of 9 siblings, with an apparently unremarkable delivery at home facilitated by a traditional birth attendant. He was noted to be normal at birth. The patient was allegedly at par with age both physically and mentally until eight years old when he was said to have stopped growing in height. He was brought to a private doctor, whose diagnosis was undisclosed, and he was given medications to increase height, which the patient took for only one month with no improvement. Through the years, the patient was apparently well, although still of short stature, with thick lips, coarse facial features and dry skin. He was notably slow in ambulation. He was said to have bronchial asthma at age 15 years, and since then he had been taking salbutamol tablets occasionally for bouts of dyspnea occurring one to two times annually.

The patient's symptoms started in 2001 when he was reported to have sudden loss of consciousness. During this time, the patient did not have any symptoms of heart failure; no prior seizures, cyanotic episodes, chest pain, headache, or blurring of vision. He regained consciousness shortly after and was brought to a private physician, whose assessment was a"heart problem". 


1. Hitchman, Roger , Brodles, Gollogy , Kotani, Cunningham . Biomechanical studies on two anterior thoracolumbar. 1999. 213-8. (MD) University of the Philippines Manila,

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